Make the city more liveable

Prix BLOXHUB Interactive is an international prize, symposium and exhibition focused on creating more liveable cities.

We Are...

A non-profit initiative developed by Interactive Spaces Studio at the Alexandra Institute (DK), BLOXHUB (DK) and Ars Electronica (AT), who have joined forces in gathering and building new concrete knowledge about how digital technologies can be used in creating new and improved urban solutions. The initiative is funded and co-developed by the Realdania Foundation.

... creating PRIX BLOXHUB Interactive

Working at the intersection between Space, Technology and Behavior.

... to make cities more liveable using digital technology

In 2015, world leaders gathered at the UN to adopt 17 Sustainable Development Goals to achieve several extraordinary things by 2030: end poverty, promote prosperity and wellbeing for all, and protect the planet. In recent decades, the world has experienced unprecedented urban growth. In 2015, close to 4 billion people — 54 per cent of the world’s population — lived in cities and that number is projected to increase to about 5 billion people by 2030. Rapid urbanization has brought enormous challenges, that PRIX BLOXHUB INTERACTIVE ’19 wishes to address.