Open Call

The International PRIX BLOXHUB INTERACTIVE open call is an ambitious competition, encouraging an interdisciplinary focus on creating liveable cities. The competition invites cities, architects, creatives, engineers, tech-people and visionaries from all around the world to share visions for public life in urban environments. We are asking:

How can we make cities more liveable using digital technology?

Winners are awarded a uniquely designed statuette, prize money ranging up to €5000 per category and an opportunity to showcase their talents at the BLOXHUB interactive Festival in BLOX in Copenhagen and at the famed Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria.

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The competition is divided into two categories: Excellence and Concept. Selected projects in the category Excellence will get the possibility to showcase their visions in BLOXHUB for the rest of 2019. Selected projects in the Concept category will be offered matchmaking with relevant companies.


What can we learn?
The Excellence category calls for submission of a tested project (proof-of-concept), or already realized projects, where technology has been a part of either the process or the result.
It recognizes excellence in work that can show us a better or new understanding of the usage of the installation/building/urban design by documenting and analysing the data collected. We encourage entries that can share valuable experience and tested/prototyped methods used to achieve more liveable cities.


'The next big thing'
The Concept category is specifically dedicated to tomorrow's hybrid and trans-disciplinary projects and approaches to the design of public space. Primary emphasis is on new, exciting concepts transcending the boundaries between industry and research, architecture and behavioral patterns, physical shape and technology. In this category, artistic originality counts just as much as masterful technical achievement. We encourage entries of concepts that will show visions on how an activation of a space can invite people from different ages, cultures and genders.

Everyone, regardless of nationality, age and gender is invited to participate. We are hoping to see submissions from the established industry, as well as students, start-ups, non-profits, organisations, and so on.

The Jury

The multidisciplinary expertise of the Jury members contributes to the quality of Prix BLOXHUB Interactive. The highly renowned experts come from both academic and entrepreneurial backgrounds and vouch for the quality and impartiality of the evaluation process.

What we are searching for

Whether the format of the submission is a prototype, visualization, or a video, we are looking for original responses and reflections within the two categories. They will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • How the idea is visionary, and how it can contribute to the theme “Making liveable cities”
  • How digital technology supports the physical context in a sustainable way (both when looking at the choice of materials, production-chain and respect for the nature)
  • How digital technology is used to create broader perspectives on different local needs and demands (drawing from the linkages between activities and physics that we have not seen before)
  • How can we use technology (including digital infrastructure) to increase the knowledge about actual conditions in cities/public spaces and help adjust unforeseen urban stressors.

In other words, the primary focus of this competition is not only about visualizing new aesthetic or functional ideas for urban space. It is also about showing new visions on how to look at sustainable processes and results in urban design, using digital technology.

How to apply

To submit to the Open Call, you must register online and submit all mandatory information online. The submission system is found by clicking the button below.
Registration closes 4th of March 2019.

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Marius Sylvestersen

Smart City Program Manager for Copenhagen

Kaj Grønbæk

Prof., Head of the Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University

Indy Johar

Architect, Co-founder of 00

Helle Søholt

Founding Partner of Gehl, CEO

Gerfried Stocker

Artistic Director of the Ars Electronica Festival

Natalie Mossin

Co-chair, UIA Commission on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Carlo Ratti

Director of the MIT Senseable City Lab