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KEYNOTE: Big data as a tool with public benefit

The Future of Urban Design (and Digital Tools)
Keynote talk
May 22 16:00 - 17:15

The digital transformation of the society is ongoing and new digital technologies are being developed all the time! It is no longer a question of why or when to invest in digital tools and competencies, but rather how. Digital tools create new opportunities for transparency in the industry, which makes trust and cooperation across disciplines and development phases a crucial factor in the further digital development of construction.

At the same time, every day a huge amount of data is generated from construction projects as well as in the daily use and operation of our physical environment. All this data can be utilised much better and help streamline construction and operations, create innovation and develop new solutions.

Keynote Speaker: The last keynote speaker, Sarah Williams, Associate Professor at Technology and Urban Planning & Head of Civic Data Design Lab, MIT, will speak about how qualified data collection and visualisation of data can help communicate challenges in cities and make them visible. She will especially focus on how the use of social media and mobile data can help demonstrate social encounters and dynamics.

Sarah Williams has won numerous awards and has been named one of the top 25 city planners of her generation, and in 2012 she was hailed as a "game changer" by Metropolis Magazine. Her work has been exhibited worldwide, such as at the Guggenheim in New York, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York City.


Sarah Williams
Director, Civic Data Design Lab, MIT
Liselott Stenfeldt
Head of Interactive Spaces Urban Studio, The Alexandra Institute