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Enabling Civic Imagination

The Human(e) City
Talks & Conversation
May 21 09:30 - 10:30

How do we create sustainable solutions that radically contributes to achieving the UN SDGs? One thing is certain: it is not enough simply to encourage the development of skilled users. We must teach new generations to be problem-solving, creative and innovative with technology!

So how do we ensure a flexible use of digital technology in the cities of the future? And how do we ensure that the purpose of new technology is to support everyday life rather than reflect new visions of what city life should be?

Guests Dietmar Offenhuber, Associate Professor of Design and Public Policy, Northeastern University in Germany, Author of the book “Waste if information” (MIT press) and editor of the book "Decoding the City: Urbanism in the Age of Big Data", talks about the importance of enabling civic imagination.

Architect and founder of Project 00 and Dark Matter Laboratories, Indy Johar, speaks of the great need for “The Boring Revolution”. Radical change comes from within and there is an urgent need for an open discussion on values and guidelines.


Dietmar Offenhuber
Associate Professor of Design and Public Policy, Northeastern University
Indy Johar
Architect, Co-founder of Project 00 & Dark Matter Laboratories
Christian Pagh
Culture director, Cofounder, Urgent.Agency