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Global Social Impact And the Importance of Upscaling the Solutions

The Human(e) City
Talks & conversation
May 22 13:00 - 14:30

UN’s 17 world goals for global sustainable development was agreed upon at the general meeting the 25. of September 2015. Many initiatives about the world goals has since arrived – including this symposium. But how can we secure that a project like this can contribute to a strong joint effort for the sustainable development and how can these existing solutions in the intersection between space, technology and behavior be an inspiration globally.

The world goals can not be realized through a political approach only - The private sector also has a vital role in order to make a radical change. Therefore it is important that the world goals opens up new business opportunities for small and medium sized companies, and new (technology-based) solutions shall could contribute to a more sustainable world. Together with Dansk Arkitektur Center we introduce specialist that can contribute with inspiration trough concrete solutions and tools that you as a company can use to make innovative solutions.

Guests: An example of how new emerging ideas can arise is UNDP’S SDG Accelerator - an initiative that runs in 2018-2019. We’ve invited Stine Kirstein Junge, Head of the SDG Accelerator Programme and Bahare Haghshenas, Head of SDG Strategies and Innovation at Deloitte, who will tell us about the ideas on which the initiative was based and furthermore present selected projects.

Also participating is humanitarian expert Killian Kleinschmidt, who is seeking to promote a more global perspective on what cities are and for whom they exist. In this regard, he will talk about the importance of upscaling technologies to reach millions of people - also in poor areas.

Natalie Mossin is Co-chair of the UIA (Union of International Architects). She focuses on how interaction between architecture, technology and society can help solve some of the challenges that society faces.

Neel Strøbæk, Senior Director of Sustainability in Ramboll, will talk about what investment in sustainable business means for a company like theirs, and what motivates them.


Natalie Mossin
Co-chair, UIA Commission on the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Kilian Kleinschmidt
Humanitarian Expert, Founder of IPA, Innovation and Planning Agency
Stine Kirstein Junge
Private Sector Advisor and SDG Accelerator Lead, UNDP Nordic Office
Bahare Haghshenas
Head of SDG strategy and innovation services, Monitor Deloitte
Neel Strøbæk
Senior Group Director, Sustainability & CR, Rambøll
Nikolaj Sveistrup
Head of programme BUILD/CITIES, Danish Architecture Center