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Let's fail together!

The Future of Cocreation
May 21 14:30 - 16:00

For many years, Denmark has been a leading nation when it comes to digitisation, but now we are slowly slipping behind in international rankings. How can we reverse this development?

One crucial factor is the ability of adopting a public/private cross-sector approach. Investment in digitalising our built environment is not only about providing efficient public services but also about advancing society as a whole through the use of technology.

We need to find new ways of working together to find the best solutions. And last but not least: We need to fail!

This session brings together specialists from the private and public sectors to discuss how to better work together on innovative approaches.

Speakers: Ole Schilling is VP of Deutsche Telekom’s Smart Cities & Regions Department. He has many years of experience in supporting collaboration between the private and public sectors from the perspective of a tech company.

Director of the Danish Design Center, Christian Bason believes that it is important to find new ways of promoting innovation in the public sector. The focus of his daily work is on building bridges between the private and public sectors.

Paul Van Koningsbruggen is the leader of mobility at the Dutch company Technolution, which is the supplier of Copenhagen’s traffic systems (including intelligent street lighting, green waves for cyclists and enhanced flow for heavy traffic) and has great experience in how to approach the public sector as a private business interested in delivering new innovative solutions to cities.

Marius Sylvestersen is Programme Manager at Copenhagen Solutions Lab. For many years, he has worked with the development and positioning of Denmark as a leading player in smart city technology.


Ole Schilling
VP Market Development Smart Cities & Regions, Deutsche Telekom
Paul van Koningsbruggen
Director of Mobility, Technolution
Christian Bason
CEO Danish Design Centre
Marius Sylvestersen
Programme Manager of Copenhagen Solutions Lab
Christian Pagh
Culture director, Cofounder, Urgent.Agency