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LUNCH & Selected Projects From Open Call

The Future of Urban Design (and Digital Tools)
May 22 12:00 - 13:00

There’s no doubt, that the rapid and pervasive digital and technological development entails lots of new opportunities. But what lies in waiting? A cultural change is on its way, but how do we prioritise our resources? As part of the Prix BLOXHUB Interactive, we’ve set out to showcase demo projects and best practice examples of how to use digital technology to solve social challenges.

We received a total of 122 ideas in our open call, and out of these the jury (consisting of Indy Johar, Carlo Ratti, Helle Søholt, Kaj Grønbæk, Natalie Mossin, Marius Sylvestersen and Martin Honzik) selected two winners and awarded eight ideas an Honorary Mention.

In this session we have the pleasure to present 3 of the chosen projects

  1. Shelter Light: The purpose of the concept is to create space for homelessness in the city scape – this entails a physical place and room for dialogue. It is a design-system with three elements. Firstly, it digitalises the check-in of users at shelters. Secondly, an app that allows homeless to navigate to shelters where there are still available sleeping spots. Lastly, the light-installation mirrors the information generated at check-in's and invites you to reflect on the realities you face every night as a homeless individual.

  2. Liquid Lights is an interactive lightning installation for public cycling path

  3. Grow Your Own Cloud explores how reforming human associations with seemingly abstract and immaterial data, can create opportunities for more liveable urban environments. It does this by reimagining the cloud, creating new relationships with data by storing data nature’s way, in the DNA of plants.

  4. Our Hub is a solution that makes it possible for individuals to access games and training equipments on site 24/7 and to connect with other people around playful outdoor experiences in urban areas.


Helle Søholt
Founding Partner of Gehl, CEO