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KEYNOTE: The citizen-driven senseable city

The Future of Urban Design (and Digital Tools)
Keynote talk
May 21 10:30 - 12:00

Digitisation, disruption, automation, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, big data, the Internet of Things…

The concepts are many when describing the current technological development in society. But how do we know which digital solutions to invest in? And where do we find the best practice cases?

Keynote Speaker The first keynote speaker Carlo Ratti, professor of Urban Technologies and Planning at MIT, Head of the Senseable City Lab and Director of the design company Carlo Ratti Associati, has many years of experience working in the intersection between technology, space and behaviour. Blueprint Magazine included him in the list of “the 25 people in the world who want to change the way we design,” and Fast Company has named him among “the 50 most influential designers in the United States.”

Carlo Ratti will share his knowledge and relate how technology can help change the way we develop and think about the future design of urban space. The talk will focus on specific projects, such as intelligent modular tiles, digitally controlled canopies to control light and shade in warm outdoor areas, digital / augmented urban gardening and sustainable structures, which after a while biodegrade.


Carlo Ratti
Director of the MIT Senseable City Lab
Torben Klitgaard
Hub Director, BLOXHUB