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The Open City

The Future of Cocreation
May 22 10:30 - 12:00

When we talk about the use of digital technology in connection with the development of our cities, we cannot avoid to take about sharing data and the development of open standards to discourage data monopolies.

There is a need to help each other, to learn from each other’s mistakes and successes, and share valuable knowledge across. But what does an ”open code” mean, and what consequences do the different actions have for whom?

For the session "The Open City," we have invited four specialists within city planning and open codes.

Ben Cerveny is an UX designer and conceptual strategist with many years of experience in creating open digital solutions for the urban. Ben is currently the director of the Foundation for Public Code, which works to spread and share the ability to share digital data in and between cities.

Helle Søholt is the founder and director of the architectural firm Gehl. Based on many years of research and experience of data collection from public spaces the company in 2017 launched a so-called Public Life Data Protocol which is based on open data sets and is made available for cities throughout the world.

Indy Johar is an architect and the founder of Project 00 and Dark Matter Laboratories. He ask questions about how we can understand the development of our cities beyond the physical framework and how open systems can push the way we innovate.

Christian Villum is the Director of Digital & Future Thinking at DDC and his work explores future currents in technology from a design perspective, and includes, among other things, programs for new open source business models for manufacturing, establishment of global Fab Cities and human-centric approaches to technology.


Helle Søholt
Founding Partner of Gehl, CEO
Ben Cerveny
Founder of Foundation for Public Code
Indy Johar
Architect, Co-founder of Project 00 & Dark Matter Laboratories
Rasmus Rune Nielsen
Co-Founder ANDEL
Christian Villum
Director of Digital & Future Thinking, Danish Design Center