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Hard problems session: We're all a part of the city

The Future of Cocreation
Talk (open for everyone) & Workshop (by invitation only)
Danish Design Centre, 2. Floor, BLOX
May 21 13:00 - 16:00

Who should be involved when it comes to designing our cities? What should guide our choice of functions? And which experiences should we give weight?

To meet the many challenges that no company or institution can solve individually, Gehl and IDEO CoLab have developed a platform for effective collaboration. Today, this programme is applied in the USA with great success, and as part of the symposium they will together host their first such event in Denmark.

They kick-start the session with a presentation of a new concept for cooperating cities. This will be followed by a targeted session for 30-40 specially selected persons (who have been invited in advance).

Guests: Matt Weiss is the CEO of IDEO CoLab. He will focus on how we can best combine design approaches with emerging technologies.

Jeff Risom is the innovation manager at the Gehl architectural firm. Jeff is interested in how new platforms can support interdisciplinary collaborations when developing new innovative solutions that address some of the many challenges we face in today's urban life.

This session is co-hosted by Danish Design Centre.


Matt Weiss
Managing Director at Ideo CoLab
Jeff Risom
Partner & Chief Innovation Officer, Gehl